Organization Registration/Cerification Date Approved Registration for No Certif. Past Bills Bill Date Plans New Bill Brochure ARCPACS ARCPACS certified Comments Contact Person
Arkansas Association of Professional Soil Classifiers Yes 1975 Soil Scientists only 59 No N/A N/A Yes - also use web site No 8 It is sometimes difficult to convince legislators that Soil Scientists or Soil Classifiers is a profession just as Engineers and Geologists.  When the legislature is in session we pay close attention to bills affecting our status.  It is important to have good lawyer from the Attorney General Office to help with legal matters.  The Board has just gone through a revision of its Rules and Regulations and Examination methods.  It is important to keep these items up to date. Edgar Mersiovsky
Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists No N/A N/A N/A Yes 1980's, 1994, & 1995 None Not Recently Yes Approximatley 20 ARPACS has not been useful for soil scientist in Florida because the state does not support registration or certification, or see the need for any kind of certification for soil scientists.  ARPACS has been useful for consutants from Florida who are ARPACS certified when doing work in other states, such as AL and NC in which certifcation  or registration is required before doing soils work in their state. Ron Kuehl
Georgia Soil Science Society Yes February - 2000 Soil Scientists, Geologists& Engineers 47 Yes 2000 N/A No No 49 None Gail Meads
Iowa Association of Professional Soil Classifiers No N/A N/A N/A Yes 1980's None Yes Yes 6 None Tom Fenton
Indiana Association of Professional Soil Classifiers Yes 2001 Soil Scientists 45 Yes Yes -Several older dates & 2001 N/A No Yes 66 Most registered soil scientists do soil and landscape evalations for onsite wastewater disposal.  It took about six years to the registration bill passed. We had to hire lobbyist to get the job done. Don Franzmeier
Kansas Association of Professional soil Classifiers No N/A N/A N/A No N/A None No Yes 10 - 15 (est) We have not  pursued state certification. William  Wehmuller
Kentucky Association of Soil Classifers No N/A N/A N/A No N/A Yes Strong Interest No 5 None Scott Aldridge
Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists Yes 1973 Soil Scientists& Geologists 74 Yes 1973 N/A No Unsure Unsure None Jennifer West
Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists Yes 1995 Soil Scientists & Geologist under Geoscience have separate licenses 114 Soil Scientists Yes 1995 N/A Yes No Several It seems to be working out just fine so far. There were some people who didn't get all of their Continuning Education Units done in time. Charles T. Sarri
Professional Soil Classifiers Association of Mississippi Yes 1972 Soil Scientists 20 Yes 1972 N/A No Yes 4 None Robert Wimbish
Missouri Associaation of Professional Soil Scientists State - No: MAPSS - Yes None for state N/A 24 MAPSS certified No - Discussed for 20 years. N/A No No Yes 15 to 20 State Dept of Health requested a suggested minumum criteria 8 years ago which was incorporated in legislation.  Udating criteria and testing for certification  has met resistance with both Health Dept. and legislature. We currently have 24 certified soil classifers in the MAPSS organization. We don't have the financial resources    to hire a lobbyist and the government employees in the locations around the state capital are unwilling to get involved. Dave Skaer
Nebraska society of Professional Soil Scientists No N/A N/A N/A Yes 1970's & 1980's No Yes - in past years Yes Several Two bill introduced in past were not successful. Could not get out of  assigned committee. Earl Lockridge
Association of Ohio Pedologists State - No : AOP - Yes None for state N/A Several AOP certified No N/A None Current ; Long term interest Currently being developed Yes 19 None Jeff Glanville
Professional Soil Scientist Association of Oklahoma No N/A N/A N/A No N/A No - But have discussed.. No - But have discussed No - Proably will be in future. 4 None Kari Sever
Pennsylvania Association of Professional Soil Scientists No N/A N/A N/A Yes No Date Identified No No Yes 40 to 50 Problem of going against Engineers and Geologists registerted in this state under same legislation and lack of substantial mumbers relative to these groups. There is a general impression that the national certification does not actively pursue state certifications or memorandums with state agencies to establish affiliated certification programs.  This has not promoted overwhelming or unconditional support for ARPACS in PA, but it is the only credential we can provide.  Even if it is not recongized by the state and local municipal regulators (especiall sewage enforcement officers) or the general public. Bruce   P. Willman
South  Carolina Professional soil Classifers Yes 1974 Soil Classifers (only those with classification & mapping     experience. 45 Yes 1974 N/A No No 2 or 3 Our licensing program works fine.  The SC Department of Natural Resources promulgates the program.  The only problem we have in SC is finding people that are interested or concerned enough to become licensed.  There are no state laws requiring licensed soil classifiers to provide information or interpretation of soils data. Some examples are soil investigations for septic systems and identification of hydric soils. At present the state health department employees do the site evaluation and designs for septic systems. This may change in the furture because of severs budget problems. The Corps of Engineers do not require soil scientists to identify hydric soils.  I have tried in the past to change this locally, but it will have to change at the Washington level.  We do not have enough clout in SC to make much of a difference.  The only way to make a difference is to organize and be active in promoting soil science. There are fewer and fewer people coming to work with the government as soil scientists in the NCSS program. The private sector will have to hire and train new soil scientists.  I see many opportunties for our professions.                                                   Bob Eppinette
Society of Soil Scientists of Southern New England No N/A N/A N/A No N/A None No Yes Don't Know - Several No desire on the part of the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island for certification of soil scientists Margie Faber
 Soil  Science Association of Tennessee SSAT has  a Certification board-- now seeking  License from the Legislature Pending Soil Scientists None as yet Pending Plans for 2003 proposal Yes No No 6 Members of the SSAT are interested in working with the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to establish a License for soils consultants. We would prefer to have our own licensure board, but at the present time it would be cost prohibitive and need legislative approval to pass.  We would like to possibly explore that option in the future. Don H. DeSha Jr.
Professional Soil Scientists of Texas Association Yes - In process Sept. 1, 2003 Geoscientists - Soil Scientists & Geologists None Currently, Est 75-100. Geologists high. Yes -Several attempts 2003 N/A No No 25 Going together with a larger group such as geologists will help. We found it necessary to raise a few thousand dollars to hire a well connected lobbyists to help us. A keen observer of the legislative scene in Texas observed that ther are 99 ways to have a bill defeated for every one way to get it passed.  A good lobbyist is much  more likely to find that one way while avoiding the other 99. Murray Milford
Utah Soil Scientist Society No N/A N/A N/A No N/A No No No gislature  would not conisder it. Society checked into certification in the past but because of our small numbers the legislature would not consider it. No contact listed
Washington  society of Professional SoilScientists No N/A N/A N/A No N/A No No Yes Unknown None Ron Myhrum
West Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists No N/A N/A N/A No N/A No No Yes 5 None James "Skip" Bell