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USCSSA Mission Statement

It is the desire of this Association to provide a communication and coordination resource for the individual and regional U.S. state soil scientist societies / associations, as well a number of national organizations, such as the Association of Women Soil Scientists, the National Association of Consulting Soil Scientists and the Soil Science Society of America.

This association strongly supports the activities of field soil scientists, researchers, and educators in providing and distributing quality soil survey information to the American public.

USCSSA encourages you to become familiar with the kinds of assistance, common interests, and information that these nearly sixty different state, regional and national organizations provide to the public and the National Cooperative Soil Survey.

The small state soil profiles used above, and the images from the photo collage (Soils All Around Us) are all courtesy of USDA NRCS. Click here to learn more about the images.
State Soils

Nebraska Soil Profile (Holdrege)Did you know that each US state has an official state soil? Learn more from the USDA NRCS State Soils web site.

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