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Hemingway's Tribute to Soil

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Posted 06/19/06

Hemingway's Tribute to Soil
by Henry Mount, retired soil scientist – Natural Resource Conservation Service – USDA.

Henry Mount has worked extensively over the past 35 years in the National Cooperative Soil Survey and Internationally. He has done extensive readings and research on Ernest Hemingway's collection of short stories and novels. He has completed and published his extensive findings in a book entitled "Hemingway's Tribute to Soil." This book will be of interest to teens, adults and scientists.

Two quotes on the back of the book cover are as follows—"Scientists beware! One of the finest documentation specialists of soil characteristics was Ernest Hemingway. Henry Mount has assembled hundreds of Hemingway passages and critiqued them from a science – based perspective in his book Hemingway’s Tribute to Soil."

"Henry Mount grew up on the prairie of Illinois. After graduation with a degree in Agronomy at the University of Illinois, he completed a 35-year career as a soil scientist for the USDA. A world traveler, he has visited every continent and lives with his wife in Lincoln, Nebraska."

This book is available at 1-800-AUTHORS to order or visit . The book size is 6 by 9, contains 160 pages and sells for a very modest $14.95.

An excellent very interesting book cover. "Ernest Hemingway wrote many of his great novels and short stories based on bullfights in Spain. The running of the bulls in Pamplona is covered every year by the network news. Hemingway facilitated this annual bullfight sequence into literary history in his novel The Sun also Rises. Consequently, the cover for my book has a bullfight motif with the ever-present crowd judging the accuracy of the bullfighter."

This book will be an excellent addition to a wide variety of public and personnel libraries.

For more detail information you may wish to contact Henry at:

Henry & Ethel Mount
8110 Prescott Avenue
Lincoln, Nebraska
(402) 483-0337

See small poster about the book (PDF format)

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